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About WomenRunners.com

Mary Burns Prine

WomenRunners.com is a web site designed for the seasoned woman runner.

She may be competitive, racing several times a year. Or she may be past the competition, but still runs for the power it instills in her, and the feelings that it invokes from her.

She no longer cares about how many calories her workouts burn, or how she can tone up her arms as well, unless these things relate specifically to improving her as a runner.

She enjoys the companionship of other runners, and likes to follow their progress. Since she races frequently, she would welcome friends in different areas of the country where she might stay during a race weekend, reciprocating the favor when they come to her city.

She is willing to try new products which may enhance the running experience.

She is interested in the science behind running; she enjoys reading about research in the running field, knowing that it may serve to improve her performance.

If she is a serious competitor, she may be interested in how to promote herself as an athlete, and would like to know about agents, race directors, sponsorship and other related topics.

The womenrunners may range in age, ability, strength and experience, but they have one thing in common; they all possess a love for running.

We would welcome all submissions. Please forward them to me for consideration.

As the web site progresses, you may have ideas for future columns. These ideas are also welcome. Visit this site often, and hopefully you will find it to be useful, informative and fun.

Mary Burns Prine

About the Editor
 Mary Burns Prine is a veteran runner, having completed well over 100 marathons in her 35 years of running. She has qualified for 3 U.S. Olympic Trials, all in the marathon (1984, 1996 and 2000). 

She holds a BS in Physical Education and a MA in Exercise Physiology. She also recently completed a MA in Educational Technology. She is a frequent contributor to the SD Union, and has spoken at various running seminars. She has been published in Runner's World, and has been a guest speaker on the BBC. She is an Associate Professor at the San Diego Community College District. She and her husband, Chris,have one child, Bobby, aged 22.